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Agro, food & technology


Agro, food & technology trade mission to Turkey

organized by FME International and Intro2Turkey

Others are exporting to Turkey, why aren’t you?

Turkey has a population of 74 million people and is growing with a rising income. This makes Turkey one of the largest markets in its region, and the changing consumer habits of the younger generation boost domestic consumption.

Turkey offers a fertile agricultural investment environment to the entrepreneurs on the back of the following:

  • – Strong geographical location, e.g. favorable climate conditions and proximity to major markets
  • – Competitive labor force which is particularly important for labor-intensive food producing activities
  • – Availability of almost all raw materials for the industry
  • – Continued government investments in the form of major irrigation projects, infrastructure improvements and consolidation of small-sized farm lands
  • – Government support for agricultural investments
  • – Increasing production efficiency due to progressive automation

Key figures about Turkish agribusiness:

  • – Turkey is the world leader in the production of dried figs, hazelnuts, sultanas/raisins and dried apricots.
  • – The total exports of agricultural products (including processed foods) reached USD 12 billion in 2010.
  • – Turkey has the largest milk and dairy production in its region.
  • – Turkey has an estimated total of 11,000 plant species, whereas the total number of species in Europe is 11,500.
  • – The agricultural production in 2010 was USD 62 billion, up from USD 24 billion in 2002.

Turkey’s ambitious vision of 2023, the centennial celebration of the Republic, envisages grandiose targets for the agriculture sector in Turkey. These targets include:

  • – USD 150 billion gross agricultural domestic product
  • – USD 40 billion agricultural export
  • – Becoming one of the top 5 countries in terms of agricultural production
  • – 8.5 million hectare irrigable area (from 5.4 million)
  • – Ranking number 1 in fisheries as compared with the EU

Period: May – Jun 2014
Duration: 3 days

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