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Setting up a business in Turkey

poort-naar-andere-landenInternational business is very important for the Dutch economy. That’s why Intro2Turkey gives companies tailored support and assistance to get a Strong position on the Turkish market.

Before entering the Turkish market the following points should be  well researched: How to find business partners? What support options are available? Where to settle? etc..

Intro2Turkey support Dutch entrepreneurs who want to settle on the Turkish market. We help you from finding the right business location to buyers of your product or service. Also process guidance is one of our specialties such as setting up contracts, due diligence for acquisitions and financing. We do this in coperation with our partners. In addition we organize events such as trade missions and seminars which may provide interesting information and new contacts.


Economic opportunities in Turkey

The economic market in Turkey is booming, there are great opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs to settle on the Turkish market *:

    • Turkey is among the twenty largest economies of the world with a GDP of 1054 billion billion U.S. dollars (2011).
    • The Turkish economy grew the last 10 years by an average of 7 percent per year.
    • Turkey is an important consumer market with nearby a population of nearly 76 million inhabitants.
    • Turkey has a dynamic private sector with an export value of 160 billion U.S. dollars (2012).
    • Turkey is strategically located between Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. It is an important energy corridor linking the West and the East together.

Together with Intro2Turkey the right partner and location found in Turkey! De Meeuw has now access to the markets where is expected that there will be much invested the coming years.
René Meeuwissen, CEO de Meeuw


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