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Mergers & Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition in Turkey can add great value to your company, provided that the transaction is executed properly and the parties are content with the merger.

Add value

Mergers and acquisitions are complex and all aspects have the potential to impact on the success of foreign takeover. From legislation to local taxes. For this reason a sensitive approach is a determining factor for the succes of the deal. Creating value will succeed if all parties have the focues on the merger or acquisition.


The services of Intro2Turkey cover all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. It is always the goal to work with you to find the best opportunities and find the right solutions in order to achieve your goals.We identify your opportunities and choose therefore a thorough preparation for your transaction to eliminate any risks where possible. We have a wide network Turks and link our market knowledge to our expertise.

Intro2Turkey has offered us great help and support to find a joint venture partner in Turkey. The first contacts were made during a Dutch trade mission organized by Intro2Turkey for the Nederland Aerospace Group (NAG) members.
Edward Voncken, CEO KMWE


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