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Import from Turkey

groei-bnpImport from Turkey

You own a Dutch company and you would like to import products and/or services from Turkey. As you can see in the illustration, the Turkish market is one of the biggest and fast-growing economies in the world. Importing from Turkey is interesting for Dutch entrepreneurs, thanks to the favourable prices and the large volume of the domestic production.

The success of the import of Turkish services and/or goods depends on setting up an efficient structure. The goal is mainly to approach the right suppliers in collaboration with Intro2Turkey since one of the many issues is that several products are produced throughout the entire country. Since it is impossible to contact all of these suppliers, never mind signing separate contracts with them, the solution is that together with you we contact local companies, so that you can do business with them.

Successful importing from Turkey

As a Dutch entrepreneur this process is very well suited to be carried out together with Intro2Turkey, so that we can set up an efficient import structure for you. To do business successfully in Turkey, you need to know the language, have experience with the business culture and dispose of a large quality network.

If you are interested in importing products and/or services through large Turkish companies, then this of course simplifies implementing an import network. However, it is still very important that we are able to assist you in making contacts, negotiations, taking care of all legal obligations and enjoying the favourable stimulation measures of the Turkish government.

With the help of Intro2Turkey Royal Med Europe took over a manufacturing company in Turkey, so that Royal Med Europe can manufacture its goods for less.
Ali Sarac, General Manager a.i.


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