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Corporate finance

Corporate finance helps companies with their buying and selling, and supporting the financing of transactions. As well we provide the insight needed to set up financial models and a thorough value analysis.

Lead advisory

Do you want to invest and are you considering taking over a business or company division in Turkey? With the help of Intro2Turkey you can increase your chance of a successful transaction. Intro2Turkey offers the support of strategic salespeople and private equity players in the various phases of the transactional process.


Do you need to make an important investment decision? Do you need insight into the different scenarios for your company? Our modelling specialists can offer you the desired insights for your decision-making process.

Debt advisory

Due to the tensions in the financial sector, the banking landscape has drastically changed. Liquidity is scarcer and getting financing is more difficult. However, with the right help it is still possible to obtain financing at favourable conditions. The debt advisory team advises and assists in the arranging of refinancing, acquisition financing and restructuring.

The corporate finance approach

Whether you approach us for the preliminary phase or the entire phase, your takeover or merger is in good hand with our specialists. Our industry-oriented teams create transactions, handle introductory meetings, negotiate, coordinate due diligence, and manage the process. Moreover, we organise financing for takeovers, refinancing, management buy-outs as well as asset-based lending, such as real estate financing and leasing. We have an international network and know the buyers. We carry out valuations for takeovers, but are also specialised in impairment tests, fiscal restructuring, financial reporting and strategic decisions.


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