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Work method

Professional custom advice

Doing business with Turkey can be done in many ways. Questions entrepreneurs have require specific advice because an entrepreneur looking for a specialised high-tech international collaboration needs different information than one who wants to outsource their production for less to Turkey.

Considering the Turkish market?

Intro2Turkey provides custom services. If you want to know what your possibilities are on the Turkish market, contact one of our advisors. An initial meeting is free and without any obligation. Call +31 (0)20 658 6331 or fill in your details on the contact form.

Our method

    • Defining your ambitions
    • Determining the right strategy
    • Executing planned activities
    • Evaluating: assessing, adjusting, executing anything new

Realising your ambition is custom work

The strategy we follow depends entirely on your situation, as there is no standard road to success. Intro2Turkey will advise you in the Netherlands as well as in Turkey and intensively guide you in realising your goals.

What is your business goal?

    • Exporting to Turkey
    • Importing from Turkey
    • Starting a company in Turkey

Intro2Turkey provides professional advice to help realise your international ambitions.

Find out about your possibilities on the Turkish market. Click here for contact information or call directly on +31 (0)20 658 6331.

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